CAMPS 7 for HN6

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 at 12:36


All Hema Navigator 6 units now shipping contain Camps Australia Wide Edition 7 points of interest, in line with the 7th edition book released mid-February.

It is important to remember that all HN6’s and HN5i’s already purchased can also be updated to Camps 7. The Camps 7 POI update is an optional, free, POI download that is located in the Australia and New Zealand POI section of Naviextras accessed by choosing the Catalogue, Australia & New Zealand, POI buttons on screen.
CLICK HERE to find out how to upload Camps 7 to a Hema Navigator HN5i or HN6

Once the update is completed on either HN6 or HN5i, the Camps Australia Wide 7 and Caravan Parks Australia Wide data will replace the current data. Caravan Parks Australia Wide is an added bonus for HN5i owners, this has previously only been available on HN6. The update is optional (if you have a Camps 6 book you may want to keep the data on your HN6 or HN5i as Camps 6 POIs so that the information "matches").
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