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It's that time of year when many ExplorOz'ers are gearing up for a short (or extended) trip this Easter. Now is the time to start checking your camping and navigation equipment is up to scratch, and if needed purchase items you may be missing. The ExplorOz Shop has a great range of items to help you get prepared, and Express Courier delivery can be selected (priced from $9.95-$12.95) to get your items to you fast! Here are our product picks to make your Easter trip an easy, safe and comfortable one:


[Image not found] The Hema Navigator 7 is the ultimate touring and off-road GPS, combining a premium Street Navigation program for when you are in cities & towns with an 4WD navigation program for when you are out bush. The ExplorOz shop offers an exclusive upgrade to a 16GB Micro SD with both the original Hema content, and our EOTopo 2015 maps - a must have mapset for any traveller. All you need to do is switch the original SD with our upgrade (provided), and you have access to all of this content, and can keep the original SD for another use.

The Hema Navigator 7 - EOTopo Edition is available for $749 ($711.55 for members) and is shipped via FREE Overnight Courier delivery.

Communication & Tracking

The SPOT 3 is a compact, rugged handheld personal tracker that supports location tracking and check-in/ok reporting as well as help and duress functions. SPOT Gen 3 is delivered complete and ready-to-go. SPOT 3 uses 100% satellite technology to send your GPS locations to your immediate contacts and emergency responders.

Standard Subscription + Basic Tracking (US$164.99 per year) includes access to all features – OK, HELP, SOS (URGENT), as well as unlimited messages via email and up to 200 free text messages (after 200 then 10 cents US per (message). GPS Tracking at 10 Minute Intervals is also included, and tracking can be used with the EOTrackMe system, included as a part of your membership (if you are not already a member at the time of purchase, you will receive membership free).

The SPOT 3 is available for $199 ($189.05 for Members)

Insect Protection

TheBite Away - Insect Bite Healer is a safe, easy and effective way to overcome the pain and irritation of bites and stings. A compact, pocket-sized medical device for the external treatment of insect bites and stings, its integrated micro-processor heats the skin to approx. 50 degrees, three seconds for children and six for adults. The heat penetrates the skin and denatures the proteins and toxins of the sting, thereby stopping the pain and preventing the histamine release that causes the itch.

Bite Away is completely safe for everyone, including children and pregnant women. It’s chemical free and leaves no residue either on the skin or in the environment.

The ]Bite Away - Insect Bite Healer is available for $59.95 ($56.95 for Members)

Camping and Vehicle Gear

The Combo Shovel features a unique design that takes away the hassle of trying to carry a long handled shovel inside or outside your vehicle. The Combo Shovel is a long handled and short handled shovel in one with 304 Stainless Steel joining sleeves and a multi-core, single-molded steel reinforced PVC long handle with a hardened steel post hole blade and cushioned "D" handle. This shovel disassembles to a comp[act size, and includes a PVC storage bag.

The Combo Shovel is available for $99.95 ($94.95 for Members)

Super Mini Booster - Portable Emergency Power. The Super Mini Booster is the smallest most lightweight Battery Booster with 14AH high capacity in its class. The booster delivers instant cold crank power when you need it and has a fast rechargeable long life battery. The unit is easy to handle, lightweight, and extremely compact, making it easy to store in your car, camper van, boat or jet ski.

This product starts your car instantly! The powerful instantaneous 1200 Ampere Power can easily start up to 6.5 litre (12 volts) engines and features a waterproof control panel and outer casing for protection, and has a 12V/8W power outlet connection which can used to power accessories such as your spotlight, air compressor, dvd player, radio, electric fan, electric cooler boxes, flashing lights and even charge your mobile phone.

The Super Mini Booster - Portable Emergency Power is available for $285 ($270.75 for members)

The Eflare EF350 safety beacons are extremely effective warning lights for 4 wheel drive, caravan and hiking enthusiasts. Based on the beacon used by all Australian Police Forces and Emergency Services the EF350 is ATEX accredited, can be seen for over 1 kilometre at night and has a battery life of over 30 hours. The Eflare EF350 is suitable for a variety of uses including breakdown alert, vehicle marking and personal marking. Tough and durable every vehicle should carry at least one Emergency Beacon in their kit.

The Eflare EF350 is available in Amber or Red LEDs and is $39.95 ($37.95 for Members)

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