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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015 at 11:43


A caravan is designed to operate at up to 15A of power, and the power lead for your caravan is designed for use with a 15A powerpoint, as found at many caravan parks.

However, most household powerpoints operate at 10A power, which can pose a problem when trying to keep your Caravan supplied with power when at home, visiting friends, or at a place of accommodation where there is not a designated 15A power supply.

A legal and safe way to avoid this problem is to use an adaptor designed to connect a 15A load to a 10A powerpoint. Ampfibian devices are approved for this purpose, and there are now two options available for use depending upon your budget and power needs.

Ampfibian Mini 15A - 10A Adaptor - Residential/Indoor Use - $89 ($84.55 for Members)

The New Ampfibian Mini features a 15A To 10A Power Adapter With RCD + Overload Protection. Connects 15A devices to standard 10A Powerpoints Safely And Legally. For Non-Commercial (DIY) INDOOR USE ONLY.

Ampfibian allows for the safe and legal connection of a 15A load (e.g. caravan) to a standard 10A domestic
powerpoint, protecting the domestic power supply from overloading. Ampfibian also includes an earth leakage device (RCD) safety switch which will protect people from potential electric shock through faulty wiring or appliances. Rated IP33 (Ingress protected) this device is for indoor use only.

Ampfibian 15A - 10A Adaptor RV02 Max - Commercial and Residential/Outdoor Use - $259 ($246 for Members) & Dispatched by FREE Overnight Courier

The Ampfibian RVO2 Max safely and legally connects your 15A device (RV, caravan, welder, compressor, etc.) to any 10A domestic power socket, and automatically trips at 10A if the power outlet becomes overloaded, protecting your 10A power supply. It additionally protects you against electric shock using a Residual Current Device (RCD). Impact rated to IK08 (commercial duty) and weatherproof, this can be used for both commercial use (operating a 15A tool such as a welder), or for use when the Adaptor is likely to be exposed to weather elements (has an IP55 seal).
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