South Arthur Forest and Dip River Falls

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014 at 11:00


Today was a slower day. We started off going to the South Arthur forest. We toured the back blocks and farms of the forest area. Travelling though Forest, South Forest, Mengha, Alcomie, Lileah, Nabageena, Trowutta, Tayetea Bridge, and Milkshakes Hills Forest Reserve. Due to the many road and bridge closures in this area we were unable to complete our proposed circuit. During our tour around we came across many POPPY (opium) fields which seem to be grown a lot in this area. We did however come across and wonderful picnic area in the rain forest in Milkshakes Hills . Large ferns and trees in abundance. Cutting our trip short we decided to travel to the Dip River to see the Dip Falls and giant tree. The falls were great even though there were over 100 steep steps to traverse to the bottom. The giant tree was also worth the trip. A fantastic root system and being around 400 years old.

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