Day 2 at Deep Creek Mt William National Park.

Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014 at 22:00


Very quiet day, just relaxing and enjoying the serenity. We did a little walking in the near vicinity, amazed at the number of privately owned huts in the National Park. They all appear to be well maintained and well used by the families who own them. During the day we were again visited by our friendly Grey Kangaroo who seemed most interested in everything we did. I suspect she was looking for food.
As evening arrived and darkness fell a pair of Wallabies appeared as well, checking out all the campsites for any available food, although they seemed quite happy grazing on the plentiful grass. After tea we heard a scuffle outside and when we went outside we discovered that the 2 wallabies had been joined by 2 rather well fed Bush Tailed Possums. We took some pictures and the flash didn’t seem to faze them at all. It was interesting to note that the 2 different animals sort of accepted the other, but there was some grunting and growling type noises from each of them. At one stage a possum got to close to one of the wallabies and the little wallaby attacked the possum by rushing it. The possum sat up and tried to swipe the wallaby which just ducked away and came again. This posturing went on for some time until the possums decided to try another area.

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