Travel from Longford to Ross Tasmania

Friday, Mar 28, 2014 at 20:00


Packing up and heading south we travelled through a very historic area created by the farming in the area and the fact that the road was the main road between Launceston and Hobart. There were many old buildings and bridges, relics of the convict days and the need for stops along the way when travelling by foot, horse or carriage. The weather was still drizzling rain and we passed a very wet looking Symmons Plains Race track which had a very large area already set up for Pits and catering etc. The traffic heading into the raceway for practice day was relatively light and the policemen at the entrance were just watching as the traffic turning sorted itself out from the through traffic. They had set up a temporary turning lane by closing the passing lane prior to the raceway and splitting the traffic. Our first stop was Campbell Town, where we had brunch and wandered the street and shops. On the way out we came across an old stone bridge which is still carrying the highway traffic today without a problem. There was also a free camp just past the Bridge that was very well attended and looked to be quite a good stopping point.

Leaving Campbell Town we moved a short distance to the town or Ross. We had been told that this town was worth a longer look so the plan was to stay a few nights. The caravan park is attached to the motel and is well maintained and the welcome was great. Whilst talking to one of our neighbours in the park we found out that there was going to be an old-time Rock and Roll band at the hotel that night and we decided to have tea at the hotel and have a look. The musicians were staying in the park as well. After a nice tea we went out to the outside area where the band was set up. We had a great night although unfortunately there wasn’t much of a crowd. It was good that the band was open to suggestions of songs from the small gathering and at times many were up dancing to the music.
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