Southern Coastline Day 182 - Rockingham to Esperance

Thursday, Jan 21, 1999 at 01:00

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

This morning we were still feeling unsatisfied with the events of yesterday's diving fiasco so we drafted the above letter to Dive Log and then went into town to find the local telecentre. We didn't actually find one but we learned that the local stationery store had a computer permanently connected to the Internet for customers at only $6/hr. While we were collecting and sending our email we tried to upload our html files but the techno-wizardry necessary for this task could not be handled by this computer system. It's always such a shame because we had so much ready to load - now we have to wait until we get to Adelaide when we can use the Sanderson office. We did however, notice the colour printer connected to the computer and thought it would be effective to send the dive shop a letter direct and a copy to the Chamber of Commerce who issued them with 2 years running of tourism awards.

With our "chores" done we began to settle into the day and went driving along the beautiful Esperance coastline. The water colour was astoundingly different to that of Esperance Bay and was incredibly clear. We continued to drive along the coast road which gives full views of the ocean and beaches for 38km. Along the way we stopped at likely places to windsurf but today, there was barely a puff of breeze. We figured it must be unusual to not be windy as we found 3 wind farms along the cliff faces which together produce around 20% of Esperance's electricity.

Later in the afternoon it began to rain and we had a very wet night (but at least the tent didn't leak!). Dinner was 'bangers and mash' gourmet style - sundried tomato and basil sausages with mashed sweet potato.
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