Tasmania: East Coast - Day 14

Saturday, Jan 08, 2005 at 01:00

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

It was with some reluctance that we left the motel comforts and headed off for a couple days on Bruny Island. Thankfully the weather looked to be clearing slowly. It wasn't exactly sunny, but thankfully it wasn't raining. We noted some good suburbs as we drove south - Margate and Kingston in particular, but by 1.30pm we were leaving Kettering on board a vehicular ferry to Bruny Island - $25 for a return ticket (per vehicle).

On arriving on Bruny Island we drove directly to Neck Beach where we knew we'd find a free bush camp with facilities such as water and toilets. We expected it to be a bit busy but the purpose of staying here was to be in close proximity to the Penguin Rockery about 1km back up the road.

Leah quickly made friends with a little girl of 7 yrs old called Bonnie. It was a messy, muddy dirty camp due to recent rain but they had a great time playing in the mud. I wasn't too impressed to later find them both playing babies in Chardae's portable cot sucking dummies wearing their dirty clothes!

Dinner: beef kebabs with capsicum, banana (in skin), with rice cooked on David's Xmas kebab maker washed down with a good Tasmania red wine (our favourite has been Tamar Ridge). Too tired to drive up to the penguin rockery so walked to the beach at sunset but after waiting for over an hour we couldn't see any penguins and realised we should go up to the rockery tomorrow night.

The camp was filling up with people and noise with a couple of camps playing different music quite loudly for many hours but the loudest group continuing until 1am. Lots of drunks and too intimidating to do much about it.
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
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