Victoria: High Country - Day 26

Thursday, Jan 20, 2005 at 01:00

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

After a very wet night, we backtracked a little up the Howitts Road to the Zeka Spur Trk. Our maps indicated it would be quite steep but we didn't really have a clear idea of the degree of difficulty (our frame of reference being affected by the Webber Spur and Champion Spur Tks). We were thinking that if it was as extreme as that, then after all the rain last night we might not want to do it. However, we found this to be a very straightforward track and although low range 4WD is required for the relatively steep ascents and descents, none of it is challenging or even rutted. It was actually raining quite heavily throughout our drive but the track has large runoffs drains and stays in pretty good condition. The track ends on flat plains of Wonangatta Valley however and this was indeed quite wet and actually flooded in sections.

It was only midday when we arrived at Wonangatta and we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon alone in the valley. As this would be our last night of the trip together with the Jacka's before we went our separate ways after 5 weeks together, we decided that there would probably be no better last camp than here. Poor Mum was ready to get home as fast as possible but I think once she got to spend half a day out of the vehicle she had a good time and in fact none of us wanted to leave this wonderful spot.

There are literally hundreds of wonderful campsites in the valley - but due to the rain, the river front was flooded and out of the question, however the camps under the False Acacia trees (South African imports) just across the creek from the hut is the most ideal campsite of the area in our opinion. This really is a perfect campsite with a gorgeous canopy of trees, water taps, firewood (which was wet), and grass for tents.

However, just as we finished setting up our camp, a group of Victorian Land Rovers arrived. The leader of their group was a member of the "Friends of Wonangatta Valley" and apparently we were camped in "his spot". We like to keep to ourselves, so although he wanted to talk, we made it clear that we were here for a quiet night. One of the group had a young girl - 7 year old Jade who quickly made friends with Leah. It's just wonderful when the kids find someone to play with and they ran around all night. Although the wood was wet, we managed enough of a fire to cook corn cobs, and pork and leek sausages with broccoli topped with a packet sauce I've never used (and probably never will again).

David downloaded all Mum's photos onto our computer so we could have a copy - an amazing 6.4Gig - we have therefore dubbed changed her nickname from One Eye, to "President MegaPixel".
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