West Coast Day 116 - The Hammersley

Sunday, Nov 15, 1998 at 01:00

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

I'm going to blame Dorothy for choosing our next destination (they blamed me for choosing the worst camp ground at Port Hedland, so it's only fair). We left Tom Price via the "shortcut" to the coast, missing Parrabadoo the residential and shopping centre for the miners. In doing so, we shortened our trip by 100km but only 5km into the dirt track we had a stone flick up and smash our rear door window. Yes, the second breakage of its type this trip. We made a roadside repair with tape and were soon on our way again. The trip really was very spectacular and we all agreed that the Pilbera area is very special.

So just where did Dorothy take us? To a small town called Onslow. Admittedly, the brochures did say it was a fishing haven and there were the beautiful Sunset and Sunrise beaches to visit. We had even seen a television ad campain that led us to believe it would be absolutely beautiful. There were two caravan parks and a commercial fishing port. When we finally arrived at Onslow we had trouble finding even one of the caravan parks. All the shops were closed and there was not a person in sight.

There was little shade when we finally found the "beachfront" caravan park but we chose a front row position and set up a tarp. What we couldn't believe was the colour of the water - it was muddy brown. There had been absolutely no rain and the name of the beach? Mangrove Passage. Delightful.

A few hours before dinner, David and Rob suggested it was time to visit the local establishment. They came back a few hours later having met the entire town and learned all there is to know about Onslow. Onslow is the mecca for miners from Tom Price. They come for a 4 day weekend to fish and relax. It is their idea of paradise. The barman was leaving town the following day and told Rob and David that he enjoyed serving normal people and so they were treated to free drinks for the rest of their stay.
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
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