Southern Coastline Day 161 - Perth to Rockingham

Thursday, Dec 31, 1998 at 01:00

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

The wind blew all through the night and kept us awake with visions of being able to go windsurfing in the morning. Sure enough, at 10am when we made it to Safety Bay we found at least 30 people rigging up and about 10 others who were already out on the water. I rigged my new 4.0m sail and because it was so windy we took turns using it on our respective boards. David adapted to his shorter, lighter board quite quickly and neither of us had any trouble with the weed. We did however, stick a few WEED FINS WANTED signs on the car windows.

Our WANTED signs attracted a lot of attention and every Joe-Blow tried to sell us one of their second-hand fins. Unfortunately, none offered were the right size or fit for my board but David ended up being "loaned" a perfect fin from our mate old Ted for the duration of our stay.

We were cold and tired when we arrived back to our camp site after a full day of sailing but we were keen to get motivated to go out to celebrate New Year's Eve. Our German/Dutch neighbors couldn't believe their eyes when we started to wash our sails and windsurfing equipment, after yesterday seeing how much diving equipment we had. The four of us stood around discussing things and then thought we may as well do something together for New Year's Eve. We were happy to do this as they seemed very nice. The girl's name was Ninka (?) and her boyfriend's name was Fife (?). They both had accents and being as unfamiliar with Rockingham as us, we had some laughs about the pronunciation of some place names. We had some trouble getting a taxi and when it came we asked to be taken to the "Stinking Pig", instead of the "Swinging Pig" (the correct name of the pub). During the night I introduced Fife and Ninka to a drink called "Lemon Ruski", a mix of Vodka, lemon and wine. Later in the night Ninka ordered water for me but the waitress thought she said Vodka and there was I drinking straight vodka and not realising it. We had quite a fun night and by the time we walked back to the caravan park it was 3.30am. Urrgghhh.
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
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