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Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 11:22

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I've just received my newsletter from Additive Alert - containing interesting news about companies that are changing recipes to reduce known harmful additives, and a list of lobbying ideas to work on together, plus some good news about bread. I'm pasting the link to the newsletter online for anyone that is interested - Additive Alert Newsletter (online)

Also, I recently tried to buy mayonaise and was surprised to find it has the harmful additive antioxidant 320 (it seems to be in a lot of food unfortunately). I was so dismayed, I returned home without buying any mayonaise and got onto the Additive Alert website to find out if they had any recommendations as to what brands were safe - I found a section calledFoods we Love and quickly found out which brand was safe (ie. contains no additive 320, nor other harmful additives), and of course, it was on the shelves but I had missed it (ugly jar on top shelf!). Only problem is its in a huge glass jar, so I just have to decant into a more user-friendly plastic squeeze bottle (better for travel and kids). But better that I think that pump the kids full of things that are going to potentially cause long term harm. I honestly can't ignore this sort of thing, when cancer seems to be the biggest killer of humans and the probability of us getting cancer has been so much higher since we introduced so many manufactured foods into our diet - I'm more than happy to make a bit of effort to use different brands on the advice of such research.
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