Perth to Coober Pedy Day 1 - Hillarys to Coolgardie

Monday, Jun 03, 2002 at 00:00

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

This is a 28-day personal trip diary of the recent ExplorOz R & R trip (research and relaxation). One of the interesting things about this trip was that we decided to put the digital trip navigation tools to the test, so rather than take paper maps we relied solely on our GPS unit. We also took a laptop. For more details read on.

This is now our second major outback trip with our young daughter of 19mths and yet again we have some new tips for others contemplating similar trips in our Travelling with Kids section.So sit back, and enjoy your armchair travels from Perth - Birdsville and return via some of the most fantastic desert country in Australia.

Day 3 - Monday 3/6/02
Start - Hillarys, Perth 9am
Stop - Coolgardie
Trip Odometer - 570.3 km
Stopped time - 03:29:11 hr
Moving average - 85.7 km/hr
Moving time - 06:39:24 hr
Max speed - 101.5 km/hr

Most of you already know that the physical "packing" stage for a big trip takes a few days. We usually allocate 3 days. Our vehicle only just fits in the garage without the roof rack, so to pack the roof bag we have to have the car out in the open.... and that's meant in the RAIN.

Other than the rain, things have started smoothly. However, we have a full "take off" procedure before we can get rolling that will take some getting used to. There's the satellite phone that needs a fresh battery every day (the other is on charge via the invertor); the GPS needs downloading of trip data and resetting each day before beginning navigation along our "route file"; the laptop needs to be fired-up into moving map mode each day on OziExplorer; water bottles need filling; fruit is to be ready for hungry snackers and the all important stash of child toys is to be refreshed and arranged in easy reach of one impatient child.

Although it was raining, heading out of Perth is extremely easy, taking only a matter of minutes to be in farming country and then less than 40minutes to be heading over the Darling Range. Our plan was to get near Kalgoorlie tonight and be onto the Anne Beadell Highway by late tomorrow.

We only had one stop and that was for lunch and a stretch at the little township of Merriden. But we hadn't even got ourselves more than a metre from the vehicle when a flock of people surrounded us asking if we "...have anything to do with the ExplorOz website?" ...are we going to be recognised everywhere we go now?

The rain continued as travelled east into the Goldfields, but it is likely to be the only day that we have any chance of rain, so we are thinking of avoiding getting a wet tent and bedding down in a motel room in Coolgardie - and that's what we did.

Dinner for all - reheated leftovers from home (spicy thai meatballs with noodles).
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
Always working not enough travelling!
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