Ningaloo Coast - Day 1

Friday, Jun 02, 2006 at 11:10

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

Departed Hillarys Perth in convoy with Kuipers at 9.30am in sunny weather. Our only stops during the day were a roadside toilet stop, and then a long lunch stop at Eneabba (270km from home). We moved off at 1.50pm and arrived around 4pm at Coronation Beach (just north of Geraldton) a total of 450km for the day.

Coronation camping costs: $5/vehicle/night paid into an honesty box. Campsites separated by bollards so not possible to have both families in same site and boat had to be parked in another area. It was agreed that Kuipers should park their camper in the site with beach access and outlook, and that we would bed down in our swags alongside their camper.

Dinner: Packaged Latina Pasta and Sauce (Tortellini and Sundried Tomato Sacue).

1. Busted gas knob and o-ring on portable gas cooker resulted in a fire! Quickly extinguished by turning off gas bottle.
2. Chardae (age 3) did not like sleeping in the swags and after an hour of fussing and crying we moved her back to the carseat but we were concerned she would freeze to death (it was a very cold night) so tried to move her back into our swag (that's 3 in one swag!!) - a very bad night for us, but also for the Kuipers beneath's whose camper we can setup the swags!! Not a great start to a 3 week trip together!
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
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