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Below is the list of all foodstuffs that I packed for our 4 week trip to Ningaloo. Note - I anticipated that I would restock at a major supermarket once. I also was able to factor in that I could reliably expect to have fresh fish to cook for the majority of the trip and had hoped specifically to catch Tuna, Spanish Mackeral, and Squid. Our family consists of 2 adults, and 2 children - both girls, aged 7 and 4. None have food-related allergies. Fires are allowed at South Lefroy Bay however they must be contained with a fire box of some sort. Campers are asked to bring their own, but we had difficulty with this and asked to "hire" one of their 40 gall drums. Not knowing what to expect, we did not rely on cooking on the fire so anticipated mostly gas use for cooking. I own a Cobb Cooker so packed that along with heat beads and firestarters as a back up in case there was a fire cooking issue.

Our vehicle is an 80 series GXL Landcruiser. We have a Roller Drawers and a 40L fridge. Customised into that setup is a 60L stainless steel water tank with gravity feed tap. This leaves the whole left side of the rear wagon for storage. We fit 3 large fishermen's tubs. For touring trips, I keep 2-3 days worth of food along with all utensils, billys and camp ovens in 1 side of the roller drawers so that I only open the tubs every few days to restock the roller drawers. For this trip, we'd only be on the road for 2 overnight stops before reaching our month-long destination. Once there, I'd remove the 3 tubs and have them covered with a canvas tarp in my "kitchen area". I would remove the goods from the roller drawers and put the day to day condiments, spreads, cutlery and utensils in the pantry.

So this is what I packed:

TUB 1:
Rice 2kg pkt
Couscout 1kg pkt
4 x udon noodles
2 x dinosaur shaped pasta
10 x 2 minute noodle pkts
2 x fish coating mix
2 x tempura batter
2 x batter
1 x parmesan bread crumbs
1x coconut milk powder
2 x Morning Sun museli
5 x longlife 8 slice mountain bread wraps
2x fish stock
6 x juice poppers
3 x Tim Tam pkts
1 x Pistacios nuts 1kg
1 x sushi rice + bamboo rolling mat
1 x nori sheets
1x wasabi paste
1 x choc Sipah straws
1 x strawb Sipah straws
6 x various marinade sauces sachets to suit fish
1x fried rice seasoning
2 x french onion soup mix
1 x surprise peas
2 x Deb potato
3 x cheese wedges
3 x jubes/lollies
1 x sundried tomatoes pkt
1 x beef stock cubes
1 x chicken stock cubes
1 x lentil soup mix (4)
1 x asian red curry cupasoup mix (2)
1 x asian chicken and corn cupasoup mix (2)

TUB 2:
1 x bottle lime Squeeze
1 x bottle tartare sauce
2 x sml tin peas
6 x small tin baked beans
2 x tin chinese vegies
2 x tin tomato supreme
1 x tin mushrooms
1 x tin bamboo shoots
1 x tin bean shoots
2 x tin prawns
1 x tin potatoes
1 x tin butter beans
1 x tin spinach
3 x tin capsicum
3 x 400g tin tuna
1 x pkt tomato paste (4 sachets)
1 x tin creamed corn
1 x jar marinated asparagus
1 x tin artichoke hearts
1 x jar chilli baby cucumbers
2 x smoked oysters
1 x jar black olive tapenade
1 x jar tomato tapenade
1 x jar basil and parmesan tapenade
1 x jar pesto paste
4 x 100ml uht cream
1 x plastic tub stewed plums
8L uht milk
12 x diced fruit in snack packs
1 x jar pink peppercorns
1 x jar green chilli jam
1 x jar laksa paste
2 x various thai style stir-fry pastes to suit fish

TUB 3:
4 x jelly cups
2 x marshmallows
1 x small tin milo
1 x pkt minties
1 x pkt chupachups
1 x 8pkt tinny teddies biscuits
1 x 10pkt vita wheet biscuits
1 x natural popping corn
1 x pkt 8 rollups
1 x pkt Hundreds and Thousands biscuits
1 x pkt country cheese biscuits
1 x pkt SAO biscuits
4 x pkt water crackers
2 x spiral pasta
1 x farfaelle pasta
1kg plain flour
1 x pkt dried mushrooms
1 x pkt dried fruit salad
2 x rolls paper towel
6 x large black garbage bags
40 x large snap lock bags
70m roll + 20m roll foil
measuring cups
zip ties
chopping board

1 x vegemite
1 x peanut butter
1 x honey
1 x strawberry jam
1kg coffee beans
3 loaves wholemeal bread
1 x museli
onions, potatoes, lemons, carrots, baby zucchini, avocados, tomatoes, apples, bananas.

2 x 1kg natural yoghurt
2 x 600g honey vanilla yoghurt
1 x stewed breakfast fruit
2L milk in plastic container
2 x solid vegetable oil (for deep frying)
2 x 500g margarine
1 x mayonaise
4 x 250g tasty cheese
1 x blue costello cheese
1 x white costello cheese
4 x dips
2 x Lemnos smooth feta cheese
1 x 250g philly spreadable cream cheese
2 x punnets cherry tomatoes
2 x punnets strawberries
8 x lebanese cucumbers
5 x longlife cryovac pkts leg ham
5 x longlife cryovac pkts bacon
5 x longlife cryovac pkts deli meats (salami, proscuitto etc)
2 x frozen cryovac sausages
6 x frozen chicken rissoles
2 x croyvac beef calzones
2 x cryovac pkts beef mince
1 x cryovac pkt 700g gravy beef diced
1 x cryovac pkt 700g diced lamb
1 x cryovac pkt 4 chicken breasts

1 block ice
30 cans beer
4L cask wine

(additional beer, wine, port, and cans of udl gin & tonic were stored in the boat and were transferred to the icebox/car fridges as stocks were needed).

At the end of week 1, I had the opportunity to request a few small items be purchased when a friend was going to Exmouth to shop. I asked for:

1 bag tomatoes
3 loaves wholemeal bread
1 bag Morning Sun museli
1 jar tartare sauce
1 pkt hundreds and thousands biscuits

At the end of week 2, we then drove to Exmouth and restocked fishing gear, ice, alcohol, and food. I mostly restocked fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh wholemeal bread, plus more mountain bread wraps, and lots more biscuits both sweet and plain. I had underestimated how much snacking the kids would do - think with all the activity their apetities were increased.

I noted items that I felt I had understocked and would add to my initial food inventory for this destination for this length of time as follows:

more biscuits plain and sweet
3 x uht cream
bread mix - for the first time I didn't take any. Last time I didn't use it much, this time I would have used it much more. Think it has a lot to do with the amount of firewood, however Melissa had bread mix and only used it 2 times and used our Cobb cooker. She also took scone mix - that I'll try that next time too.
I forgot the bicarb so my pancakes were made with plain flour and no rising agent but they worked fine - better with bicarb though!
needed much more nibble cheeses and biscuits.
Needed a second bottle of tomato sauce, mayo, and tartare sauce, peanut butter.
Needed 3-4 more pkts marshmallows, need 1 pkt museli per week, and more cupasoups. Also needed more sugar (only took about 1 cup). Used it predominantly for pancakes to counteract the no bicarb! Really should take 1kg for such a long stay - you never know what you'll use it for with baking opportunities.
Basically, I hadn't done a thorough job of checking how much we went thru of everything on a weekly basis - or maybe everyone just ate more!!

I will be doing a section on the meals - with photos as it was all recorded.
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
Always working not enough travelling!
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