New Life Day 2 - Sydney to Cairns

Sunday, Jul 26, 1998 at 17:17

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

We both woke up early – in anticipation of good weather I think. It was not a nice day outside but we prepared toast and coffee, had long hot showers went for a drive around town and headed off. We took the coast road through Ballina, Lennox Head, Byron Bay, Gold Coast and headed for the Sunshine Coast but still the sun did not shine.

We spent $87.50 at Ballina Woolworths on food supplies and bought the cheapest diesel of the trip just out of Surfers. It was 62 c per litre.

We planned to drive to Noosa, catch the ferry from Tewntin to the beach and do the beach run to Rainbow beach and dive Harvey Bay on Sunday. I spent a few hours on the phone and reading maps and dive books but couldn’t confirm a Sunday dive in Harvey Bay. We even tried Noosa but there is a strong wind warning and there will be no diving tomorrow around here. In the end we agreed to camp in Noosa. And somehow we ended up on the Tewantin Ferry and on the beach camping at the Noosa North Shore Wilderness Camp. This is such a wonderful place to be. It’s quiet, except for the waves breaking just a few hundred metres away and it’s dark and peaceful. I set up the computer tonight for the first time this trip and I’m writing by the light of a battery operated lantern with Crown lager, ham, cheese and biscuits. David has sawn off a few centimetres of our bed because when he remodelled the camper he never checked to see that the bed still pulled out and fit in place. Last night it didn’t! So tonight he made sure it would. He also has turned the trailer tow bar up the other way and is reading the 4x4 books we have to ensure that this is safe. He is concerned that currently the trailer sits too low and may drag in the sand tomorrow when we attempt the Rainbow Beach run. We went for a walk this afternoon when we had set up camp and saw that the beach is very long. In both directions we could see 4x4s and fishermen. Our fishing rod broke as we were packing it so we don’t even have one. It’s on the shopping list but I don’t know if we’ll find one tomorrow.

He’s asked if he can start cooking dinner – he’s bored now, there’s nothing left to fix. So my quiet time on the computer must be over. Back to domestics… you’d think nothing had changed. As we walked back from the beach a little earlier I commented on how great it was to be in such a special place and he barely heard me as he was busy talking about how much work he still had to do to complete setting up the car and trailer. I hope he winds down soon!

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