New Life Day 3 - Sydney to Cairns

Monday, Jul 27, 1998 at 17:19

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

We did the Teewah Beach run and found many good spots to stop along the beach and camp (free) near fresh water run offs. We should have done this – oh well. Stopped at the wreck of the "Cherry Venture" along the beach just near the turnoff to Rainbow beach. We stopped for lunch on Rainbow Beach (Crowns and red salmon on vita-wheats).

After lunch we drove up Rainbow Beach and stopped to inflate the tyres. We found a very tidy car paking lot with amenities block and picnic area at life guard station. After all the fuss and drama about crossing the rocks coming off the beach we saw more warning signs to that effect but we had no trouble.

We quickly found a sign advertising 4WD underbody wash. It was a self-serve with a special button to hold open the barn doors for trailers. The wash was very high pressure and although we checked the doors we didn’t realise the back door seals didn’t work! I had been outside the car motioning to David that he should pull the car out because I didn’t think we had placed in all the floor bungs. They were in however, but David came out early worried about how much water had come in the back door seals. This became a $10 flood. We headed into the township of Rainbow beach and spoke to the lady at the Information booth at the local chemist I think it was. I was advised of a great beach camp for $3.50 at Inskip Point. We set up on the beach nestled in amongst trees on the North Pt facing the ferry drop-off point on Frazer Island. It was a beautiful evening and so we walked along the beach and marvelled at the sand dropping away by each few waves. We drew our guess crack line and to our amazement they fell along our lines every time we tested it – which was near 10. Then we jogged 1 and a half km up to the point and back. It was simply beautiful.

Trip meter 1217km.
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
Always working not enough travelling!
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