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Tuesday, Jul 12, 2011 at 18:08

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

Since our last blog of woe, we have made it to Ningaloo although we've had 2 wet'n windy. nights and there was no joy at camp yesterday. However the clouds have lifted, the wind has abated and the boat has finally been launched!

The most interesting so far was probably when the kids were in the water (at the edge) and starting screaming and pointing "shark! Shark!"
And sure enough a 2m shark was right in front of our camp and actively hunting the shoreline. The tail shape indicated something like a leopard shark so harmless enough but enough for David to request a kayak escort for his afternoon swim, and of course I was more than willing to oblige.

This morning I ran for 40mins up the beach - barefoot in the sand so I expected some niggles - but got blood blisters under my toes instead. I've also taken Chardae for a tandem ride on the ski out to the point and back - somehow managing to not fall in so went for another paddle on my own - about 4k in total, still a long way off the 8k I am working up to for the race in October. I'm not sure if the good weather will continue so took the most of it and also swam about 2k. Ahhh... 'tis nice to have this freedom!!

David got the boat into the water and setup the temporary mooring so took out Greg, Matthew, and Leah out past the reef to fish the big stuff but came back empty. David had a time limit so he could fit in his 2nd run (his program is regimented so he organizes everything around it). So we are quickly running low on meat for meals as I've planned on using fish so fingers x'd for a good day tomorrow!
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