Cape York Day 12 - Cairns to Weipa

Tuesday, Aug 04, 1998 at 15:36

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

With a convoy of 9 vehicles it was agreed that we would rotate convoy positions each travelling day with Collyn our trip leader holding car 1 position but car 2 moving to car 9 and car 9 moving to car 8 and so on. The worst thing about being tail-end-charlie would be the bulldust and the worst thing about being car 2 would be that it was your responsibility to write the daily trip report and hand it to Michelle (editor) by 10am the next morning. There would be no rest for the wicked on this trip.

(Bill Wright and Neil Adsett)

The following trip report was compiled around the campfire with much hilarity as Bill & Neil dictated to Michelle on her computer after numerous glasses of port had been consumed.

We didn’t make it to the pre-trip meeting in Cairns because Bill was too drunk to drive and didn’t want to be stopped for drink driving – and that’s the truth! We redeemed ourselves however on the morning of the trip when we were the second vehicle to arrive at the meeting place. We waited ¾ hour for the last car to arrive and it was none other than David & Michelle in the Troopy. While we were waiting for this vehicle our wives rang on the mobiles and promises were made that Bill would not sleep with Neil because of his horrendous snore.

After leaving Cairns we arrived at the Daintree Village. The pub was unfortunately closed so we continued on to cross the "roaring torrent of the Daintree River" – at great risk and peril. Our courageous trip leader suggested that since Bill was taller, he should walk the river. This was a terrifying experience. There was no obligation upon him, however being a loyal TLCC member, who respected his leader and was trained in the disciplinary measures, he obeyed and walked the river. The terrifying depth almost reached to his knees but he was determined to reach the other side. He managed to proceeded 7/8ths across and was then called back by our Intrepid Trip Leader (from now on to be referred to as I.T.L.) The convoy then proceeded to travel across the perilous river without incident but it should be noted that the motor traffic regulations were severely breached by our trip leader who had passengers hanging off on the side rails – for this he was fined.

As we proceeded along the CREB Jeff gave the first cry for help, only 1km along the track. A fellow who owned a four runner thought that there was a tremendous buzz in a 4 runner being able to rescue an 80 series. 80 series owners certainly would never go Na-Na-Na-Na-Na (to the Toyota tune) if they rescued a 4 runner. On every trip there seems to be "one of them".

Further along the trail we came to another river crossing …what happened? The Cherokee got stuck in the river and Na-na-na-na-na rushed to the rescue! We all hope that someone will have the opportunity to rescue Na-na-na-na-na soon.

A few minutes later the Jeep was stuck again. His diff was caught in the river. We joke that he must be an inexperienced driver because he is from another club and doesn’t even drive a Toyota. Deeper into the CREB track an oncoming Land Rover temps our ITL to stop and have a chat to whom he later says over the CB was "a possible criminal tending to his plantation". A short time after this encounter he commented on passing yet another vehicle that "this guy must be checking his marijuana" but a closer inspection of the vehicle revealed that it was in fact unregistered, uninsured and had probably been there as an abandoned vehicle for some time.

Finally we arrived at our camp on the South arm of the Bloomfield River otherwise known as Roaring Meg Falls. Being number 2 car in the convoy and having some experience at camp site selection I was shocked that our ITL stopped at a level camping site and then decided to move closer to the river to an area of sites less suitable for Bill & Neil. There may be some justice in that Neil and Bill’s campsite was rather remote from the general camping area owing to the drinking habits of them both.

Although we were just two mates on a camping trip we still managed to have our first "lovers tiff" over the set up of the tent. Neil expressed the view that had he brought his tent it would have taken only 30 secs to erect instead of figuring out how to setup the brand new tent that Bill had brought. Neil had to be reminded that he did not have his tent and in fact his tent was merely an old tent that Bill had rejected and sold some 12 months earlier.

Collyn had suggested that those that wanted to visit the Roaring Meg Falls should assemble at 4.30pm, however more pressing concerns were at hand with a brand new tarp previously un-erected yet to be erected and the bedding to be prepared. When packing the 4WD for this trip great thought was given to the volume of items that needed to be fitted within the cabin. Neil was to accompany Bill for the first 10 days of the trip only and to be replaced by his beloved wife Julie. It was undesirable to sleep on a mattress with Neil so a Thermarest mattress which 20 years ago was the premier Thermarest model was offered to Neil. Neil took one look at his 350mm width bed and felt there had been a serious oversight and miscalculation. Neil’s body width was in fact about 800 mm. Neil, on having being reassured before the trip started that all he would need for the hot climate was one sheet, soon realised that more warmth would be required. Bill offered his sleeping bag which un-zipps to form a double to share. Neil was immediately concerned and suggested it was totally inappropriate to share the warming sleeping bag with Bill and it would be preferable to drink the Engel’s 39 L total capacity of alcohol within as an insulator against the cold rather than share a sleeping bag with Bill.

Were bleep now – good night. We look forward to the next trip report we have to do.
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
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