Cape York Day 19 - Weipa to Seisa

Tuesday, Aug 11, 1998 at 16:36

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

(Lay day in Weipa – day’s events covered by Michelle Jacka)

It was suggested that whilst we were in Weipa we should take a tour of the area including the mine sites. Most of the group chose to do the tour and although the cost seemed high at $15 per head it was, in my opinion, worthwhile. Not only was the guide informative but he had quite a sense of humor. The tour guide was also the camping ground owner/operator and had been operating these tours for 11 years.

Although some of us were suffering hangovers we managed to tackle the domestic duties. Washing, shopping, visits to the local doctor, car washing, oil changes and general repairs were performed.

After shopping I was walking back to camp and stopped to pick up a fallen berry from a tree. As I was turning it over in my hand a man came up to me and said "it’s the Nonda fruit – but don’t eat it" and began to explain a little Cape history. Just as we parted company he told me he was Rodney Liddell, author of the controversional history book of Cape York called ‘The Savage Frontier". As we parted I thought to myself "I should talk to this guy some more.." and then Collyn Crowhurst appeared. I told him of my encounter and Collyn rushed off to entice him to talk to our group of TLCC members that night.

Rodney arrived just after dinner and we sat around the camp fire listening to his summary of the "true" history of Cape York as he believes it to be and as documented in his book ‘The Savage Frontier" after 10 years of research. We were able to purchase his book and have it autographed for $30 which is $5 cheaper than it is sold elsewhere. Since that night our group have been debating the book’s accuracy but none of us has yet finished reading it except Collyn who bought it last year. It seems there is much to learn about the Cape.
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
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