Cape York Day 22 - Weipa to Seisa

Friday, Aug 14, 1998 at 16:45

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

Gunshot Day

(Michelle & David)

The day started with light rain just as we lifted camp. We all knew today was "Gunshot Day" and there was some excitement brewing at the prospect of a wet mud slide down the Gunshot. The exit from our camp at Delhunty River was a choice of two extremely rutted and steep inclines. As if to test that the testosterone was in high gear, Tony (Na-na) attempted what we had all thought was impossible. With double diff locks he used his car as a bulldozer to gorge out the side walls of the clay to enable the other cars to get through. Collyn followed in his 80 series and made it look easy so Jeff followed, much to the disgust of Thelma. Bill took up his 80 series without problem but left it to Dave Marsh to make the first snatch of the day.

Throughout the day there were a number of creek crossings, all with decent amounts of water. But none were as impressive as crossing Gunshot. When we first arrived at Gunshot there were a few drivers we had met along the way milling around below the 2 main gunshot drops with looks of terror and trepidation. We all arranged our cars for photographic evidence just teetering over the edge of the worst of the two gunshots and then reversed back to terafirma before contemplating who would actually make an attempt. Na-na, who was willing to give the drop a try, came running from his position in the convoy and was the first to volunteer. It was decided that we lower the cars down the embankments with a winch and have a car at the bottom in the event of a nose-dive. Much to Thelma’s disgust, Jeff was the next to take the plunge. Finally, Bill was lowered down. The girls, who were in charge of the cameras, discussed the reasons why men are so attracted to such perilous adventures and agreed that it was complete insanity.

Once all the excitement had subsided we continued on towards Elliot Falls and set camp at 1.30pm. Again, the priority was to swim and enjoy our surroundings. With another lay day planned for tomorrow most camps set up additional tarps for shade, as it was quite dry and hot. The evening commenced with a decent camp fire and conversation began as to the insanity of us sitting around a hot fire in temperatures reaching high 30s. But there were no complaints when dinners of camp oven roast lamb and dampers were shared and stories were told that lasted well into the night.
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
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