Day 12 More B.M.R. Roads

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013 at 17:20

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

Today the kids begged for the last of the bacon. We have a family fav that works well for a camp breakfast - fried eggs & bacon in a wrap with fresh avocado. By this stage all travellers are starting to settle into a routine & most are using the impressive communal campfire for cooking breakfasts & dinners (& some rubbish burning).

The sandy dune track continued west through burnt out areas & we stopped numerous times to photograph camels, dingoes, & marble trees.

Lots of discussion over the UHF between the botanists helped the rest of us gain a better understanding of the vegetation we were travelling through.

The track became wide again with large quarries, and a fascinating gas drilling site, & even an airstrip. It was at the airstrip that Val spotted the first of the new eucalypt that we were in search of. Further on we crested a hill & found ourselves amongst a large grove of them.

Leah also found a totally intact camel skull here, which she is adding to her skull collection!!

Otherwise, it had been a long driving day & we were all clearly touchy when we pulled a late camp in some rough scrub. As usual however, once camp is setup, tummies refilled & legs stretched with a little exploring & photography we all settled into another night chatting around the campfire.

Tonight we chatted at length with Val & John to get their input on what features to offer in the upcoming "plants & wildflower database" that they have been asking us to create (for so long). It's so much easier face-to-face!
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