Gulf Country Day 64 - Lawn Hill to Borroloola

Friday, Sep 25, 1998 at 00:00

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

We left the Robinson River through more patchy, wet roads but otherwise the road to Borroloola was pretty good. We heard from another camper at Robinson River that just out of Borroloola we would find a fishing club at King Ash Bay. We stocked up our supplies at the supermarket in town (at ridiculous prices) and headed out to find the fishing club.

It was a bit of a disappointment to find a shanty town in the scrub with absolutely no shade but with a bit of effort the guys errected 2 tarps and ran the annexe off Mark and Sharon's car.

We fished, had happy hour and watched an incredible sunset.

After dinner we turned the lights off and spent a few hours star gazing. We had a strange little creature, that we guessed was a firefly, hang around our camp. We fished out of the McArthur River but only from the left bank. It really is a place for those with a boat as the river is quite large and the banks a little sandy. I was told that across on the other bank fishing is banned as is any entry by white man. The aboriginals own the entire right side of the bank and are looking at the other bank although it is currently privately owned by the fishing club.

Mark and Sharon had been discussing their travel budget and comparing their costs with ours. I had started to lose track of our expenses and so in the midst of this remote bush camp I got motivated to set up a database on the laptop for our expenses.

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