2010 Canvas Print Proxy Bids Official Rules

Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 19:06

Sir Kev

The bidding via MM has ended.

I hope who ever gets to win the print enjoys looking at it.......

As you would not doubt already be aware, the popular recent Members Photo Comp has now ended and the winning photo has been compiled as a custom photo-print and is now a ready-to-hang canvas that will be on show at the Wiluna Gathering.

This canvas photo print is being put up for auction at the Wiluna Gathering however if you cannot attend in person, you can place an early bid and be eligible to "win".

The official rules regarding bids are as follows, so please follow this information carefully to avoid disappointment:

Auction Rules for Online Bidding

1. Only Members who are not attending the gathering can bid online for the Photo Canvas. All other bids must be placed in person at the Gathering.

2. Bids will be via Member Message to myself.

3. Bids will not be revealed until that amount is reached in the open Auction at the Gathering so all can at least have a chance to bid, ie I have opened the biding at $250. If someone MM's a max bid of $1000 then they will not bid until everyone in attendance has reached their max bid eg $300 then the MM bidder will commence bids in a reserved manner.

4. If those attending fall out of the auction it will be SOLD to the highest MM bid at a price of $5 above the next lowest bid or whatever is the max bid they chose ie if the next lowest bidder has chosen $444 then the winning bid will be the MM bidder of $1000 but they will pay $449 OR if the next lowest bidder was $999 then the $1000 bidder will only pay the $1000.

5. If a MM bid wins the Auction then that Member will be contacted for Payment and a Delivery address. The MM bidder will have to pay for the freight in addition to the Auction cost and both will need to be paid for before shipping. Payments will need to be deposited into the personal bank account of the organiser, who will then withdraw and make payment for the Gathering Charity.

6. There will be NO Receipt given for the Purchase of the print as this is an unofficial fundraising event for the chosen charity.

7. The Auction will take place on the Wednesday night.

8. MM bids sent to Myself will be accepted effective immediately up to the evening of the 18th of June 2010. Remember - do not bid via MM if you will be attending.

Michelle is also looking for someone to volunteer as an Auctioneer for the Canvas print. Those willing to be the Auctioneer please contact Michelle or reply here, stating that you will do it.

Cheers and Good Luck
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