10 Apr 2006 - Ceduna SA

Monday, Apr 10, 2006 at 00:00


Monday 10th April
Ceduna S.A.
The wind sprung strongly from the North West today, exactly opposite to what it was when we set up camp last night. It was strong and accompanied by brief showers of rain. Having crossed several claypans on the way in, and knowing their potential to turn treacherous at the merest touch of water, we decided on a quick exit out to Venus Bay. It was still 9-ish before we were under way and again slowly ambling south. We considered travelling only as far as streaky Bay for the day, a distance of some 60 odd km unless an appealing campsite was found before hand. With this in mind we called into Smokey Bay to find the caravan park full to the brim. Didn’t win our approval so we continued on to Streaky bay where the town facilities were again full to capacity with the grey army (of the keen fishing variety). On to Ceduna. We called at the aptly named “Murphy’s haystacks” on the way. These outcrops of wind blown granite do actually resemble the old English and Irish version of haystacks from a distance.

We reached Ceduna a little after 1.30 p.m. and in bright sunshine, the clouds having past. We opted for the Big 4 park and were pleasantly surprised to find new modern facilities. We set up under a couple of small pine trees and then went back into town to use the internet and look around. The National Parks office was unattended so had to make alternate arrangements for our permits. Got some groceries for dinner and then back to the caravan park. I whipped up some hamburgers and we utilised the camp kitchen for an impromptu BBQ. Had a good chat with a Perth couple returning from Melbourne and the Commonwealth Games with their three kids.

Didn’t get much sleep during the night as the mice here are in plague proportions and were intent on gnawing their way through our flooring into our tent.Well that’s what it sounded like anyway. I got up at 2.00 a.m. to find a thick sea mist shrouding everything. Quite eerie.

It’s on to Goog’s track tomorrow. Let the games begin.
''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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