Cape Leveque WA & the ballard of "Kenny" the Crab!

Sunday, Jun 18, 2006 at 00:00


Sunday 18th June
Cape Leveque WA.

Yet another bleep ty day in paradise. Ho hum, sunny and thirty degrees. A very restful day with a leisurely start and a pancake breakfast. J & J went mud crabbing with a local guide while we had a good walk around the beach and rocks at low tide. Again it’s incredible to see the result of an 8-metre tide up close. The whole swimming beach and bay just emptied and where we’d been snorkelling in 4 and 5 metres of water yesterday afternoon, we were now walking around looking at the rocks. No wonder there was very little life to be seen. It’s exposed to the open air twice a day!

Lunch, a snooze then a few hours swimming, snorkelling and sunbaking before a sunset aperitif and then a seafood salad dinner. The amusing afternoon activities surrounded “Kenny”, the crab of steel, crustacean that would not die! John and his guide had success in their patrol of the mangroves bringing home three or four lovely mud crabs. To prevent any cruelty associated with the cooking of said crabs, John decided to euthanize them in the Engel fridge. A cunning plan and all went well for three of them but one feisty fellow, forever dubbed Kenny, refused to roll over in the spirit of the game. Having slipped his bonds, no amount of chill would slow Kennys frantic efforts to escape or have a go at any person lifting the lid of the Engel. Humorous perhaps but far more serious when taken in the light of the fact that all the cold beer was underneath Kenny.

Eventually, with the fridge turned up to almost freezing, Kenny reluctantly crossed the Jordan. Jules had prepared a lovely dish for the crab and it was thoroughly enjoyed until the
ghost of Kenny returned for one last act of revenge. John was having difficulty cracking the largest of the claws (no doubt Kenny’s) and with no crab cracker in the arsenal, he had resorted to using the hammer on the flat plate of the bull bar.Well the ghost of Kenny must have nipped his conscience because on the mighty downward stroke, the hammer slipped off the claw and onto Johns thumb. The roar of “KENNYYYYYYY YOU BAAARRRSSTAAAAARRRD!!! Could be heard all over the cape! One tough SOB that crab but in the end, all's well in paradise.

''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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