Coral Coast WA - Cape Range National Park (Gale force winds and a curry log (not related!!!))

Monday, Jun 05, 2006 at 00:00


Monday 5th June
Coral Coast – Cape Range National Park

It rained intermittently during the night but it was quite warm. Some comfort I suppose. We arose to a gloomy and overcast day, which by some misfortune, is a public holiday in W.A. and here, where they put the capital ‘P’ into parochialism, we expected everything to be shut. We were to be pleasantly surprised. Itching to get out of the place, we were packed and showered in record time. (7.00 a.m. in fact. We all had a variety of chores to take care of, not necessarily in the same order. For me it was fuel, tourist info centre, breakfast, supermarket then clear. Breakfast at a small café/dive shop ($7.5 for bacon and eggs with toast…….now that’s what I’m talking about!) and then we met John and Julie at the IGA and did a snappy food shop. Another coffee at the organic coffee shop and then out by 11:45. Headed straight for the National Park and on arrival at the ranger station found only a very narrow selection of camp sites left.Ranger on duty recommended Osprey Cove, although “it can get a bit windy” was the qualification. “A bit windy”…we can deal with “A bit” windy! Yeah right.

We arrived at the camp site to be greeted by our camp grupenfuhrer who recommended sites 9 & 10. Undisputedly the best sites in the area. OK. We overlook the bay with a small private sandy cove. What the brochure didn’t say was that the wind sweeps down from the cape range at an incredible rate of knots. We were very wind swept by the evening. I’ve got all sides battened down, the northern side double pegged, the vehicle as a wind break and anything of any consequence on the tent floor. The trailer still rocks so much you almost feel seasick! A little bit windy my arse!

Nothing to do but make the best of it I’m afraid.John and Jules came over with a curry log (Don’t ask!) for the serenity hour (sunset). We were also joined by our neighbours, Pete and Natalie from Qld. Some scotches, G & T’s and a bottle of white later (not to mention bickies, cheese and marinated mussels) we couldn’t be bothered with the planned chicken ceaser salad for dinner so noodles again. Warm and filling! The wind had a certain chill factor. I did a bit of experimenting with the tin of CRC and managed to eliminate a few squeaks in the internal tent framework and the wind dropped off a tad after sunset. The sky broke long enough to reward us with a magnificent sunset. The first in a couple of weeks according to our neighbours who’ve had nothing but crap weather for the 10 days they’ve been here. I don’t feel so bad now.
''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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