The Pilbara - The Charles Knife Road and on to a bush camp near Cane River.

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Wednesday 7th June
Bush camp near Cane River WA

It was a nice morning to get out of bed to today. Not too windy and a little bit of cloud about. Not that cold either. We had a fair bit of packing up to do as we had a side wall and tail skirt in addition to the awning. Plus every rope and peg were being used. Simple breakfast and then bid farewell to Osprey Bay.

Forget to mention that yesterday I’d managed to leave my thongs on the rear step of the bumper as we drove of from Turquoise Bay. I found one by the roadside as we checked other campsites but the right thong had obviously fallen off much earlier. Thus the cry for assistance went out to John and Jules to keep an eye out as we drove back towards Exmouth today.

Fortunately my eagle eyes spotted the errant thong some 10 km down the road and an immediate rescue operation was launched resulting in both left and right thong being reunited. Had a look around for the grommet from Johns Speedo there to but no luck – You never know do you.

Once at Exmouth we battled the queues at the post office to retrieve our latest mail, did some quick shopping, topped up the fuel and paid some bills on the internet before heading south down the peninsular again. Drove up into the Cape Range on the Charles Knife Road which provided some excellent vistas and some oil exploration history (oil was first discovered in Australia in 1953 at Rough Range Well No 1 at the end of Knife Road. A pilgrimage was duly made to the old wellhead before we headed back out to the main road and again backtracked toward the Northern Hwy and our favourite roadhouse.

A bit of lunch on the way, the odd dodging of some roadsides wildlife like emus and not much else to report. We gave Nanutarra Roadhouse our best one finger salute as) we passed as a tribute to their solid gold burger. Pulled up about 4 bells and located a bush camp near the Cane River.John retrieved some water for showers while I knocked over a bit of dead timber for the fire. We’re camped in the spinifex near a large billabong lined with white trunked gums. Very nice and just far enough of the highway for it to be unobtrusive.

Hot showers were great and the fire a very welcome treat. A chicken ceaser salad for dinner with a few glasses of red, chocolate and milo.
''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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