The Pilbara - Resting up and resupply at Newman

Tuesday, Jun 29, 2010 at 00:00


Tuesday 29th June, 2010
Newman WA

Ahh Newman. I do like the place but I’m not getting used to the 5 a.m. shuffle with the beeping of reversing vehicles and all the comings and goings of shift change. A day of general “stuff” today. We moved over to a better camp site first thing then it was a few loads of washing, cleaning the vehicle, unpacking and repacking. A stocktake and compilation of shopping and to do lists. A bit of bill paying on the internet and then some serious download sessions of video and photos. Up to the post office to pick up some bits and pieces and to buy a portable hard drive. Restock at the bottle shop and then round to the hardware store for some items. No doubt a nap in the arvo and then some trip planning in regards to our next moves north. Quite a few of our neighbours have popped around for a sticky and a chat. All good fun. Booked a taxi for Outback Al in the morning.

Wednesday 30th June
Newman WA

Sensing disaster, despite Outback’s protestations otherwise, I got up to wish him farewell. As I expected, the taxi driver obviously couldn’t be shagged getting out of bed and failed to arrive at the caravan park at the appointed time. This prompted a hurried pack up of the ute and a run to the airport where I farewelled him. Later that morning we all headed up to visitor centre for the tour out to the mine site. It was certainly very poor in content compared to the tour I went on 4 years back. Possibly because of ramped up production I don’t know but we were ferried to lookout sites only whereas previously we’d seen the crushing plants and general work area as well as gotten a lot closer to the pit itself. Mount whaleback is certainly being shifted at a fast rate. Adter the tour it was back to the park for more chores. Late in the day I got hailed in the caravan park by a passing EO member and local tour guide, Joe F. Unfortunately for us (but good for him) he had a car full of clients so not much time for a chat. A bit more running around, a nana nap, some bits and pieces and then Al McCall blew into the park in the late afternoon taking a donger for the night. A few drinks and dinner at the hotel again and then we all managed to squeeze into Als room to see a few of his photos from the early stages of the trip.

''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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