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Friday, Apr 30, 2010 at 01:56


I have successfully installed UTrackMe on my iPhone
AND registered one location using my member number
and the Exploroz server.
Now to register my device, but, so far, I can't see any
EOTrackMe section in my profile.
Perhaps there is some manual step for EO staff to perform
For interest, I've got this far lying in bed just using the iPhone.
Also, as I haven't blogged recently, the news is that I'm 5 weeks
into my 2 year trip, taking it slowly, and loving it.
Hope to complement future blocks with location tracking.
I'm sure it will be working shortly, then O can dispense with
all the other methods I've been using.
EOTrackMe looks so much better.
Doug & Dog
Bone Diggers
We Tweet(ed) @DougandDog
"nobody said it had to be fair" (my Dad)
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