Little Chicken Firebox

Preparation Time: 15 mins
Cooking Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Category: Chicken & Poultry
Tags: Chicken & Poultry, One-Pot Dish


Little Chicken Firebox - recipe for cooking a chicken in the field using a Firebox stove. This recipe this is great for the last days of a camping trip when the chicken is one of the last items that is defrosted in the esky. Video of the recipe is also available on youtube:


  • Ingredients :
  • Small frozen chicken (we use the one from Aldi in this video)
  • Firebox 5 inch
  • Pot where the chicken fits snug
  • Chicken spices mix
  • Cooking oil
  • Optional :
  • Tin can Chick peas
  • Handfull sugar snaps


  • Step 1Prepare the firebox for cooking. Light up some wood and wait until a good layer of red little coals form in the bottom.
  • Step 2Put oil in a pot (about 5 spoons)
  • Step 3Put some of your favourite chicken spices in the pot
  • Step 4Place the chicken in the pot and cover with an additional layer of chicken spices.
  • Step 5Cover with the lid and place the pot on the firebox
  • Step 6We want the firebox to be hot but to keep the flames to minimum. This is best done by adding small pieces of wood one at a time.
  • Step 7Keep cooking for 1-1.5 hours while turning the chicken every 15 minutes
  • Step 8Once the chicken is done let cool and serve
  • Step 9Little Chicken Firebox
  • Step 10
  • Step 11Optional:
  • Step 12Once the chicken is done remove the chicken from the pot and leave all the liquids in the pot. Chuck the content of a tin canned chickpeas (without the chickpeas brine) in the pot, add a handful of sugar snaps and cook for about 10 minutes.
  • Step 13Serve on the chicken and use the liquids from the pot as a sauce.
  • Step 14Finish with a good pot of coffee
  • Step 15
  • Step 16Get your Firebox Stove from:
  • Step
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