Giant Bolete Fungus or Salmon Gum Mushroom (in WA)

Family: Boletales
Genus: Phlebopus
Species: marginatus
Main Flower Colour: Other


This is possibly Australia's largest fungus. It forms a mycorrhizal association with eucalypts, growing singly or in groups, after rain. Widespread and common. Cap to more than 60 cm across, opening until it is almost flat, yellowish-brown. Pores underneath cap are deep, orangey-greenish yellow, becoming brown on ageing. Stem fat, bulging near base, dingy yellow-brown.


The main flower colour is other. Very large yellow brown mushroom shaped fungus with yellowish pores. Pores underneath cap (no gills).

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Bio Regions

South Eastern Highlands (SEH)

Region Specifics

NSW Southern Tablelands near Bredbo.

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