Silky Purple Flag or Native Iris

Family: Iridaceae
Genus: Patersonia
Species: sericea
Main Flower Colour: Purple


Tufted perennial with narrow, linear leaves to about 20 cm long that arise from an underground rhizome. The three-petalled flowers are on stems that are shorter than the leaves. Flowers are about 3cm across, deep blue or purple (occasionally white) and usually occur in spring and summer. Before opening, the flowers are enclosed in two large papery bracts. Each flower only opens for only a single day although new flowers are produced over an extended period. The flowers may close before noon in hot, sunny weather.


The main flower colour is purple. tufted plant with strap-like leaves. Flowers with 3 large purple or blue petals

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Bio Regions

South East Corner (SEC)

Region Specifics

NSW, near Braidwood, in wet sclerophyll forest

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