Trigger Plant

Family: Stylidiaceae
Genus: Stylidium
Species: unknown
Main Flower Colour: Pink


A small plant that packs a punch. The flowers of Trigger plants have a central touch-sensitive column tucked under the petals. The male and female parts of the flower (anther and stigma) are located at the end of the column. When an insect lands on the flower to feed on the nectar the column is triggered, flicking over and hitting the insect on the back. This action either deposits or collects pollen from the back of the insect, depending on the cycle of the plant.

Plants have a flat rosette of elongated leaves at ground level, from which a flowering stem about 30cm grows.

Flowering start in August and ends in November.


The main flower colour is pink. Flowers are asymmetrical, but appear to have 4 petals. The spring loaded offset central column is distinctive, and can sometimes be triggered by tickling it with a blade of grass.

References This site has good action shots of the column being triggered.
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Bio Regions

Esperance Plains (ESP)

Region Specifics

Cape le Grand NP, WA.

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