Grevillea stenobotrya or Rattlepod Grevillea

Family: Proteaceae
Genus: Grevillea
Species: stenobotrya
Main Flower Colour: White


Bushy shrub to 5m high. Leaves linear, 10-25cm c 1-2mm, finely pointed slightly hooked tip. Flowers creamy white (green in bud), cylindrical or slightly tapered, 7-14cm long. Smooth greyish bark


The main flower colour is white. Also known as Sandhill Grevillea, Sandhill Spider Flower. Flowers after rain. Inhabits crests and swales of red sand dunes.


Some Indigenous people shake seeds into hand and eat like almonds. Ash of burnt leaves mixed with pituri. Dry pods with enclosed seeds used as rhythmic rattles during ceremonies.


A guide to Plants of Inland Australia, Philip Moore
Bushfires and Bushtucker, Peter Latz
The Grevillea Book vol 3, Peter Olde & Neil Marriott
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Bio Regions

Simpson Strzelecki Dunefields (SSD), Finke (FIN), Burt Plain (BRT), Central Ranges (CER), Great Sandy Desert (GSD), Carnarvon (CAR)

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