Bean Tree, Bauhinia

Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Bauhinia
Species: gilva
Main Flower Colour: Red


Also known as Lysiphyllum gilvum. Large shrub or small tree to about 6 m high, partly deciduous in dry season.
Glabrous (smooth) except for flowers that vary in colour from whitish through pink to red. Leaves are grey green, smooth and divided into two oval leaflets, mostly 2–4 cm long, 10–20 mm wide, with 3 or 4 conspicuous veins.
Racemes have 2–10-flowers. Flowers partly covered with short hairs that are brown to reddish brown.

The flowers are pea shaped. The calyx is 5–10 mm long, Petals are 8–12 mm long. Stamens extend beyond the end of the petals.
The seedpod is oblong, slightly curved, compressed, 3–15 cm long, 20–40 mm wide, and contains 1–8 hard seeds.

Flowering: spring and summer.
Distribution and occurrence: Grows along creek lines, not common.

Flowering start in September and ends in November.


The main flower colour is red. Leaves with 2 leaflets, elongated pea shaped flowers

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Bio Regions

Channel Country (CHC)

Region Specifics

The banks of the Cooper Creek South Australia

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