Hairy Correa

Family: Rutaceae
Genus: Correa
Species: aemula
Main Flower Colour: Other


Erect spreading shrub of 1-2 x 1-2 m; stem sparsely to densely tomentose; petiole 4-6 mm; lamina thin, orbicular or ovate to ovate-lanceolate, 2-4 x 1-2.5 cm.

Flowers solitary (rarely 2), pendulous, on axillary or terminal filiform peduncles 0.5-2 cm long; bracts 2, small, persistent, ovate, near the peduncle base; bracteoles 2, linear, caducous near the flower; calyx 4-8 mm long, with 4 prominent lanceolate lobes; corolla cylindrical; petals sympetalous in bud, free after anthesis, 1.5-3 cm long; green or green-grey darkening to mauve-purple with age; filaments of the stamens opposite the petals broadened at the base; stamens the same length as the petals or slightly exserted; anthers yellow-brown; ovary tomentose.

Fruit 5-8 mm high, apex rounded; seeds 3-4 x 1-2 mm, dull-brown, corolla more or less persistent in fruit.

Flowering start in September and ends in December.


The main flower colour is other.


Electronic Flora of South Australia species Fact Sheet
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Kanmantoo (KAN)

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