Buckthorn Family

Family: Rhamnaceae
Genus: Rhamnus
Species: Unknown
Main Flower Colour: White


Trees, shrubs, and lianas, or herbs (Crumenaria). ‘Normal’ plants, or switch-plants; often with the principal photosynthesizing function transferred to stems. Leaves well developed, or much reduced. Self supporting, or climbing; climbers tendril climbers, or scrambling. Leptocaul. Mesophytic, or xerophytic. Leaves alternate, or opposite; when alternate, spiral; ‘herbaceous’, or membranous, or modified into spines; petiolate to sessile; non-sheathing; simple. Leaf blades entire; one-veined, or pinnately veined, or palmately veined; cross-venulate. Leaves with stipules, or without stipules. Stipules when present, intrapetiolar; free of one another; scaly, or spiny. Domatia recorded (4 genera); represented by pits, or pockets, or hair tufts. Stem anatomy. Nodes tri-lacunar. Secondary thickening developing from a conventional cambial ring.


The main flower colour is white.


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Bio Regions

NUL - Nullarbor

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