Chocolate Lily

Family: Asparagaceae
Genus: Arthropodium
Species: strictum
Main Flower Colour: Purple


A lily that grows through the wetter months of the year. Soft green leaves to approx. 30cm high emerge in April. In some areas these may be deep green, in other areas they have a silvery sheen. Tall stems to about a metre emerge in September to November, bearing pink flowers scattered along their length. In good growing seasons these may be produced through early summer, in a droughty year they are likely to shrivel before flowering.
Lily flowers have 6 petal-like segments. In this species the three inner petals are broad and ruffled while the outer ones are strap like and curl back.Flowers smells like chocolate or vanilla.
Ball-learing sized pods follow the flowers and the stems of these form an attractive sculptural feature through the late summer in garden or in the bush.
The numerous tubers were a source of food for aboriginal peoples. They have a faintly carrot like flavour


The main flower colour is purple.

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Bio Regions

Flinders Lofty Block (FLB)

Region Specifics

Spring Gully

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