Family: Celastraceae
Genus: Stackhousia
Species: monogyna
Main Flower Colour: White


Stackhousia monogyna is the most widespread species and can be found in alpine areas and in coastal districts in heath, grassland, woodland and open forest. It has erect, leafy stems arising from a perennial rootstock and reaches about 500mm high. The cream flowers occur in candle-like clusters (30-100mm long) at the ends of the stems in spring and summer. The flowers have a pleasant scent at night.

This is a very desirable small plant for gardens but it is rarely cultivated as it has proven difficult to maintain. Best results are likely to be achieved in well drained, moist soils with some protection from full sun.

Seed of S.monogyna is rarely available and propagation is best carried out from cuttings of new stems arising from the rootstock. Propagation can also be carried out by division.

Flowering start in July and ends in December.


The main flower colour is white.

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Bio Regions

Flinders Lofty Block (FLB)

Region Specifics

Spring Gully

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