Pink Finger

Family: Orchidaceae
Genus: Caladenia
Species: carnea
Main Flower Colour: Pink


Leaf narrow-linear, to 15 cm long and 4 mm wide, and sparsely hairy.

Inflorescence to 24 cm high, 1–3-flowered. Flowers often sweet to musky scented. Sepals and lateral petals usually 0.8–1.5 cm long, outer surfaces with many glandular hairs, greenish pink, sometimes striped; the inner surfaces whitish pink or greenish white; dorsal sepal erect or (rarely) hooding the column. Labellum ± obovate, to 10 mm long, to 10 mm wide, 3-lobed, white to pink, with distinct, transverse, red bars towards the base and a yellowish tip; lateral lobes entire; midlobe broad-triangular, margins usually with short teeth or rarely entire. Central calli in 2 rows with smooth stalks, clubbed heads, yellow, and distributed up to the base of the midlobe. Column 6–8 mm long, incurved, interior with red


The main flower colour is pink.

References 05 Nov 2014 - Stephen L (Clare) SA
Updated: 21 Nov 2014 - Member - John and Val

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Bio Regions

Kanmantoo (KAN)

Region Specifics

Kangaroo Island

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