Satin Everlasting

Family: Asteraceae
Genus: Helichrysum
Species: leucopsideum
Main Flower Colour: White


Perennial herb 15–50 cm high with a woody rootstock, branched or unbranched, erect to ascending, ± woolly and with scattered inconspicuous glandular hairs.

Leaves narrow-oblanceolate or linear, mostly 2–5 cm long, 1–5 mm wide, lamina discolorous, upper surface glabrescent or sparsely woolly, lower surface densely woolly, both surface with scattered minute glandular hairs.

Heads terminal, usually solitary or sometimes 2 or 3 in an open leafy corymb, heads hemispherical, 1.5–2.2 cm long, 2.5–3.5 cm diam.; involucral bracts spreading or reflexed at maturity, intermediate ones longest; outermost bracts papery, white; intermediate bracts 10–14 mm long, mostly papery, white (sometimes tinged pink in bud), claws woolly. Florets numerous, all bisexual.

Achenes oblong, 4-angled with 4 ribs, glabrous; pappus of many white, barbellate bristles, scarcely fused at base.

Flowering start in August and ends in December.


The main flower colour is white.

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Bio Regions

Kanmantoo (KAN)

Region Specifics

Kangaroo Island

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