Shrubby Velvet-Bush

Family: Malvaceae
Genus: Lasiopetalum
Species: macrophyllum
Main Flower Colour: Cream


Wiry shrub to 2.5m tall. Stems and new shoots covered with rusty red hairs. Flowers are crowded in clusters. Calyx lobes are speckled outside with star shaped (stellate) hairs, smooth and pale inside. Grows as an undershrub in forests on sandy or rocky soil.

Flowering start in September and ends in November.


The main flower colour is cream. The genus name Lasiopetalum is derived from the Ancient Greek word lasios "hairy", and the Botanical Greek petalon "petal", and refers to the hairy calyx.


Native Trees and Shrubs of South-Eastern Australia. Leon Costermans.
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Bio Regions

Victorian Midlands (VIM)

Region Specifics

Grampians National Park, Vic

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