Native Liquorice

Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Glycyrrhiza
Species: acanthocarpa
Main Flower Colour: Purple


Erect subshrub to 1 m high, ± glabrous.

Leaves 2–8 cm long; leaflets 9–13, linear to elliptic or obovate, 15–20 mm long; 2–8 mm wide, apex shortly mucronate, margins with minute, curved hairs, gland-dotted; stipules 3–5 mm long.

Racemes spike-like, exceeding the leaves; peduncles 3–6 cm long; bracts filiform, 3–4 mm long. Calyx 3–4 mm long, teeth ± equal to tube. Corolla purple 5–8 mm long; standard lanceolate; wings shorter, linear-oblong; keel shortest, acute.

Pod ovoid, 5–6 mm long, bristly, rusty-coloured; seeds c. 2.5 mm long, green mottled black.

Flowering start in September and ends in May.


The main flower colour is purple.


Fodder. Opinions on fodder value vary from very palatable after summer rains to young growth only being grazed by sheep and rarely eaten by cattle.

References 08 Feb 2015 - Stephen L (Clare) SA

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Bio Regions

Murray Darling Depression (MDD)

Region Specifics

Hogwash Bend

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