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We are Australia's most popular publisher of maps, apps, and online travel information for 4WD and caravan tourists in Australia. We produce EOTopo maps; a Navigation app called ExplorOz Traveller; plus a tracking service called EOTrackMe. To use this website, please Sign-Up or Login, using the links at the top of the page.
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ExplorOz Traveller with EOTopo
Available on your favourite devices the ExplorOz Traveller App provides mapping, navigation and tracking - even when offline. Find Out More!

What Users Say

This is the best value 4WD navigation tool out there. Latest version (3.6) adds some excellent features.

Over the last 16 years I have used GPS and mapping software and Hema Maps on a laptop (good, but clumsy in car), a Garmin unit (terrible maps and the GPS did not like the sun), an early version of OziExplorer on the Galaxy with Hema Maps (OK, but the screen was crowded with icon for menu items) and Hema Navigator (terrible!). ExplorOz Traveller is the best I have used to date!

Great map, lots of detail. Recommend buying the 144k version. Used it to map my treks out and save as a private trek. Made it easy to work out where to go and stay. Has lots of comments from people on camping areas. Highly recommend it.

"Great app and in conjunction with the EOTopo high resolution maps is all the mapping needed for remote travel. The inbuilt access to the ExplorOz database of treks and places along with the ability to record routes taken and the ability to have up to date or cached route uploaded to web mapping, when in cellular range, for friends and family to follow the progress of a trip. I was even able to get full functionability using an external bluetooth GPS, on a WiFi only iPad, after receiving prompt support from EO development team giving clear and easy directions on how to modify settings from within the app itself.
Love the whole package.."

"I've been a fulltime grey nomad for the last 8 years and have travelled about 350,000km in that time. I was a fully committed fully paid up, card carrying member of the Hema and/or OziExplorer navigator club. But when you released ExplorOz Traveller I thought I would "give it a go". I'm glad to tell you I haven't used "the other" ones for my off road mapping since. Love the programme and am contributing places, comments and photos whenever I can".

"My experience with electronic map systems have been an exercise in frustration so far, with several gadgets (hema navigator, 8" tablet, ipad, phone, satellite device (inReach), classic hand and car GPS), several OSs (android windows and apple), several map systems and softwares (hema navigator, hema explorer, yours, memory maps, oziexplorer (plain and with your skin), co-pilot), systems that crash, maps that work on some things and not others, maps that I end up buying 3 or 4 times, functionality that comes and goes (mostly Hema) … it has been a nightmare. But now I have ExplorOz Traveller I have to say it is very impressive. It is a fantastic mapping system and in some ways puts Hema and others in the shade. Really probably the most ‘usable’ nav system on the market. Certainly on map readability and clarity. The integration of raster map with navigation and street directions and voiced turn-by-turns is amazing".

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