The Pearl Perch

Found from northern New South Wales to mid Queensland. Frequents offshore deep waters from 20 - 60m, usually over reef, gravel or rubble seabeds. A very fine table fish.

 Catching a Pearl Perch

Only use fresh fish strip baits or small squid. Pearl Perch tend to respond very well to fresh bait

Sport Value

When hooked, it tends to head hard and fast for the cover of the reef. Provides a relatively tough fight in deep waters.


10kgs on the main line with long traces. Medium gear with a snapper reef rig. No. 2 - 5 mustad or beak hooks


Fresh fish strips, Octopus, Squid, Poddy mullet, Pilchard, Prawn

 Eating a Pearl Perch

Considered by the majority of anglers to be one of the best eating fish. Flesh is very white with a large flake revealing a sweet mild flavour and excellent texture
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