The Red Emperor

Highly targeted species that occupies the northern waters of Australia and preferring the deeper waters near heavy reef structures. It usually inhabits the reef edge near the current influence.

 Catching a Red Emperor

Use fresh fillet baits suspended close to the bottom in channels and between reefs.

Sport Value

Fights hard and continuous until the very end


Medium to heavy rig with 15 - 30kg main line. Hooks should be No. 4/0 to 8/0 in size with a fixed sinker directly above the hook


Fresh crab, Herring, Octopus, Pilchard, Squid or Prawn

 Eating a Red Emperor

Superb eating qualities and its white, juicy flesh is delicious served either hot or cold. Features low oil, moist texture with a medium flavour. Medium fillets with large easily removed bones.
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