The Talang Queenfish

Common to the tropical north, Queenfish are members of the trevally family and school and attack just as much as their blunt-shaped cousins. These streamlined and fast species are known for their aerial feats out of water once hooked.

 Catching a Talang Queenfish

Good idea to troll lures or large sized or whole baits. Fishing in the incoming tides may prove successful. Since these fish are fast, using a fast retrieval method especially when using metal lures can be effective.

Sport Value

Very fast and voracious fish that offers spectacular airborne acrobatics such as summersaults and cart wheeling once hooked


4 - 10kgs on the main line on medium gear. 9 - 18kgs wire or nylon trace with No. 4 - 8 single or ganged hooks


Herring, Garfish, Hardiheads, Prawn, Poddy mullet

 Eating a Talang Queenfish

Fair eating fish that provides medium flavour, low oiliness, dry to medium moisture. The flesh is a pale reddish brown colour with few bones that are easily removed
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