NSW - Northern NSW / S.E QLD get together- family day out

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Start Date: 23 Jan 2009
End Date: 25 Jan 2009
Updated: 17 Jan 2009
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i'm trying to organise a day out for any one interested in having a family fun day. the day would include doing a 4x4 drive then having a picnic lunch some where that the kids could have a run around while the parents relax & get to know other EO members. PS. if it works out then maybe we can make it a regular outing . it will also held on a saturday as well.

the finalised date for this trip is sat 24/1/09. we will meet in Grafton @ 7am (at a place to be decided) and from there we will head to Barugil, to Lionsville, through the rainforest. there will be 2 or 3 water crossings, some intermediate 4wding and we will then stop for lunch @ Malara creek.from there we follow the creek all the way up to Drake. for those who wish to camp overnight there are good camping spots all along the creek. a mate of mine will be our guide for the day as he knows all the tracks of by heart.he also knows alot about the places we will visit,so he can do a running commentry as we go. anyone needing more info.....MM me & i'll foward my mobile no. onto you.cheers :-))
PLEASE NOTE............
as Hairs said,anyone wishing to shorten the drive on friday night are more than welcome to pitch a tent/camper/caravan in either Hairs's back yard or mine as we have HEAPS of room,cheers.
We plan to meet at the BP on the highway on the North side of Grafton.(just 1klm out of town).Here you can pick up ice,fuel and any last minute supplies.There is HEAPS of room for everyone including vans,campers and the like.we will be on uhf ch 29,so if in town and lost just call.
my contact no. is 0429663394.

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System Admin1 Arranging Member
System Admin1 I am going to Levuka with the wife and kids but not sure when? Probably november sometime . cheers .
Dave(NSW) 1 Mark, We are very interested depending on time and place.
vince57camping1 Mark.A great idea. Count me in
Winley1 If Bobby is going I AM THERE!!!!! If I am not working (which most likely would be) we will be there. Other option when you have set date I can put in to have that weekend off. (will camp it instead of driving home the same day)
Oi1 Keen to attend and meet some of the EO people. The Saturday thing will probably be a bit hard for us but will see what date it is and try to get staff to cover.
Sir Kev 1 Looks like I'm out, have a few other issues to sort out this weekend.
Hairs1 Sounds like a good date for it Mark. Count us in. If anyone needs a place to camp before the Saturday, to save a long trip, they are most welcome at our place in Lawrence. We have plenty of room. Let us know :)
Trevor W(Brisbane) 1 I am not a member but would like to come along contact is 0438 602533 from Brisbane - Please let us know your plans - thanks We will leave the Hyperdome Sth Side Brisbane around 5.30 Friday evening and staying overnight at Marks place at Maclean. If anyone wants to travel with us give us a call.Blue Pajero with Campa Trailer ch 29 uhf
MrBitchi1 Looks like a definite maybe for us. We'll need somewhere to pitch the Oztent on Friday night.
rossbarb1 Mark we most probably will be able to come have done the trip before but always up for it again also Ross knows a fair bit about that area camped up there quite a few times barb
scandal1 Hi Mark, I'm still trying to figure out what's happening with work, but at the moment it's begining to look like a go'er, won't know for sure till the last minute, will camp Sat night . . .somewhere, looking forward to it
System Admin1 I will come if I get home from Africa in time but will be for a day trip only as I live in Coffs. I will be there as my booking home is confirmed.
Tom&Jeanine1 Should be ok will need somewhere to put up the camper on friday though
fianddon1 Would love to come. In Woolgoolga (Whoopi) at the moment so hopefully will make. Will be towing a camper trailer to the camping area. Will let you kinow closer to date if we are attending or not. Wed 21/01 Sorry unable to attend - still working on the truck in Whoopi.
Member - Ed C (QLD) 1 With luck, SWMBO and I will be seein' ya's at the BP (Grafton) on Sat'dy mornin'......... See ya there;-))

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