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Start Date: 22 Aug 2009
End Date: 22 Aug 2009
Updated: 21 Aug 2009
Attendance: 19


Jo now has a date for us to work with Hee Haw.

She will be in Sydney to join us on August 23rd.

The trip will be in and around the Newnes State Forest area. Grades will be as easy or as hard as you want them to be, mild to wild, the choice WILL BE YOURS.

I don't recommend such cars as Subaru Outback's or Holden Venturers & that type of vehicle etc with limited approach and departure angles.

Rav 4's, Outlanders & Freelanders etc should be OK on MOST areas depending on weather leading up to it.

We will assemble at the ZIG ZAG railway car park at 9.00am for a meet and greet and depart by around 9.30am. There are NO shops where we are going so bring M/tea, Lunch and whatever else you need, have a full fuel tank as no servos are nearby.

Bring your own recovery gear as it's "bad form" to rely on someone else to use theirs.

You will ALWAYS have options as to how hard or easy YOU want to go and NO ONE will knock you if you don't want to do something, at the end of the day we all want to drive home in our own cars.

This is a family outing every one is welcome,

E-mail rencol@bigpond.net.au for any questions

Registration & Attendance (19)


ScreenName No. Names Comments
Wantabee Travellers1 Arranging Member
System Admin1 I would be keen to Join in. I am based in Sydney and have a NS Pajero. Cheers, Ben
Scott & Suzie1 If the final date permits, we are interested, Michael
GU 2 1 It is looking very good that the new truck will be only a few days old then....... Will be taking it very easy Colin. It would not have had it's first service. U get your wish, you will see it before I wreck it.... LOL
tonbon1 Hi, would definitely like to tag along on my first EO arranged trip and give the new D-Max a run. Tony.
Member - John M (NSW) 1 Hi, we would certainly like to join in on our first EO trip and meet other members if the dates are OK Regards John
Winley1 Spose I better turn up now hey!
System Admin1 I should be back from the Desert by then..put me down !!
Steve D11 Sounds good to me. I'll probably see you and intro myself on the weekend at Penriff show.
System Admin1 put me down
liz spencer1 Pending the date we are interested
Member - Jo Q (NSW) 1 Would be interested in attending my 1st EO gathering - dependant on final date
tonbon1 Thats weird, i finally paid for full membership and noticed by accident i was no longer registered for this trip. So, i officially want to put my name down (again :-) for this trip. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Tony
sheepie1 Updated status to likely :) Will be good to meet some people, and give the Nav a bit more of a challenge than the open tracks of the outback :)
isey761 I would like to come along for my first EO trip and the date sounds good see you at Zig Zag
System Admin1 Yes I would like to join in, meeting some EO folk and seeing new places sounds great. Thanks On Patrol & Toni. That date suits me.
Stephen M1 Should have another 2 vehicles with me if thats ok ?? Regards steve ps have told the wife no other plans !!! Im not missing it again unless as you have said its raining....
Member - Rob S (NSW) 1 Hi Colin put me on the list
CraigB1 Is this a boys only or is it open to partners/family as well

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